Magnetic Resonance DV #1

SourceDir: Ted-Hodapp.txt
Author1: Ted Hodapp
Author2: Dave Notman
Author2: Unknown
Level: Advanced

QT: Improper

A1: (10) {Hands Across} Star right 1.25 {1}
    (6)  Ladies Chain {to Neighbor}
A2: (6)  {In foursome} Circular Promenade CCW 1/2 + Ladies Turn Out {2}
    (10) Neighbor swing
B1: (16) Give & Take (Men Take) Partner Swing
B2: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back {3}
    (8)  Men Allemande Left 1.5 {push on 8} Spin CCW

CallingNotes: {1} Use a positional cue here - you are beside your partner 
  as you would be in a Becket dance.  {2} Schtick - ladies lead N. on a 
  short little chase.  {3} All go forward, but ladies back up while gents 
  get ready to allemande.  In the second half of this figure the couples 
  wheel cw so that gents are left to left in center.