Kiss the Groom DV #1

SourceDir: Rick-Mohr.txt
Author1: Rick-Mohr
Level: Advanced

Setup: Becket + take hands in an oval
Setup: Introduce Shadow + Shift the oval 1/2 place to right {1}

A1: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back + Men Roll Partner
    (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back + Men Roll Partner Back {2}
A2: (4)  {New, slight left diag} Men Allemande Left 3/4 {-> Wave of Men}
    (4)  {Next} Man Allemande Right 3/4 {2b}
    (8)  EVERYONE swing the Neighbor you meet
B1: (8)  {With Shadow across, those who can} Right & Left Through
    (4)  {into next foursome, on slight right diag, those who can} Ladies 
      Allemande Right 1/2+
    (4)  {New} Ladies {those who can} Allemande Left 1/2 {-> Nose to nose 
      w/ P}
B2: (16) Partner Balance & Swing {End swing man across from man}

CallingNotes: {1} Take hands in oval.  Your shadow is the person across 
  from you who is not your partner.  Shift the oval 1/2 place to RIGHT -> 
  Men across from M. and Lady across from Lady.  This will put ONE PERSON 
  out at either end of the line.  {2} Announce, "Men: There's still a man 
  directly across from you.  Men how shift your gaze one place diagonally 
  to your left.  There's a woman there.  She's the one you will swing 
  shortly.  With the man directly across Allemande Left 3/4.  Momentarily 
  form a long wave of men in the center.  {2b} With the NEXT man 
  Allemande Right 3/4.  If there is no such man, men should allemande 
  right with a ghost.  EVERYONE Swing the one you meet (should be the 
  woman you noticed earlier).  End facing across (or at ends, face back 
  along the line, lady on the right).

NotesOther: Measuring from a normal becket, the shift right around the 
  oval puts dancers at M:-0.5, F:-0.5.  The two allemandes advance the 
  men 1.5, and then the swing moves them back one.  The same swing moves 
  the LADIES back 0.5.  So the men are now at 0x (as measured from a 
  normal becket),and the ladies are now at -1 (as measured from a normal 
  becket).  Your shadow should be standing directly across, and your 
  partner should be in the left diagonal couple.  The RL gives (from 
  normal becket) M:+1, F:0x.  The final swing progresses ends M:+1.5, 
  F+1.5 (from normal becket).  MEASURED FROM THE ODD STARTING POSITION 
  (M:-0.5, F:-0.5), they have advanced two places.

END EFFECTS the neutral lady goes in first.  When newly neutral couples 
  swing at the end they face back along the line, lady on the right.

I (DJN) believe that this is exactly the dance Rick wrote, but I have 
  couples start the dance skewed (gent across from gent).  Until I did 
  this, numerous attempts to work this dance out on a chessboard all 
  ended in befuddlement.  I have no doubt that had I been working with 
  actual dancers, the confusion would have been even worse.

** The unusual nature of the dance and the unusual end effects make this 
  dance an interesting choice for 3 or 4 couple sets!  Still an advanced 
  dance though <grin>.  A brilliant piece of choreography, Rick!!