Ice Cream Reversal

SourceDir: 3-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Music: 24 Bar Tune - AAB
Author1: Dave Notman


A1: (8)  Ladies Into the Center & Back
    (8)  Gents to Center + Roll/2-Hand-Turn P 1/2 {1}
A2: (8)  {with P.} Balance Together & Apart + California Twirl
    (8)  Promenade Around CCW
B1: (16) Ladies Turn Back + {New} Partner Gypsy & Swing

CallingNotes: 24 Bar Tune!!!!  If needed, the caller can add Circle Left 
  + Circle Right at the front to make a 32 bar dance.

{1} Men walk back to partner, take 2 hands, two-hand turn 1/2 and gents 
  let the lady off on the right -> all facing CW.  The two-hand turn is 
  so quick that it will feel almost like a roll-away.

NotesOther: This dance borrows a snippet from "Ice Cream in the Sink".