Untitled 2015-05-10.004

SourceDir: DaveN-Scrap-Junk.txt
Author1: Dave Notman


A1: (8)  Ladies Chain
    (8)  On Right Diagonal: Ladies Chain
A2: (8)  On Left Diagonal: Ladies Chain
    (8)  {Men haven't moved. Same} Men Allemande Left 1.5
B1: (16) Neighbor Balance & Swing
B2: (4)  {No hands} Star Left 1/2 {1}
    (4)  {turn away from one you swung} Pass Next by Right
    (8)  Partner Swing

CallingNotes: {1} Actually a 1/2 circular promenade CCW.  Tell dancers 
  where they will end up before they set themselves in motion.

NotesOther: Inspired by some old rough drafts that started with the three