Midnight Musings Mixer

SourceDir: 3-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman

A1: (4)  Men Forward
    (4)  Long Wave of Men Balance
    (8)  Men Almd Left 1/4 {1} + Star Prom P. + Butterfly
A2: (8)  Ladies Allemande Right 1.5
    (8)  Neighbor Swing
B1: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back
    (8)  Ladies Chain
B2: (8)  Half Hey Across (Ladies start right)
    (8)  {With New Partner} {2} Circle Left 3/4 {3}

CallingNotes: EVEN LENGTH LINES REQUIRED!!  {1} Men will have the same 
  person in their left hand each time.  {2} Gents: Your are done with the 
  lady who chained to you earlier.  The other lady in your line (the one 
  to the gent's left) is your new partner.  With her and the lady across, 
  circle left 3/4.  END EFFECT HERE - if you are at the end and there is 
  no one to circle with, just trade places with your neighbor (the other 
  person who is out), and get ready to come right back in.  NO ONE IS 
  EVER OUT in this dance.  {3} Men are now back to where they started.  
  The ladies have moved two places CCW around the oval.


JH - Being a swingaholic, I would go with your Alternate A1.  That 
  poussette where the gents cross and push is really a nice way to enter 
  a swing.  I believe the neighbor swing in A2 will be a very short one.  
  Star promenades with butterflies are a long 8 and you are adding 
  another quarter turn of allemande left so ladies will probably be late 
  to the allemande right and neighbor swing.