It Just Doesn't Matter DV #1

SourceDir: Jim-Hemphill2.txt
Author1: Jim Hemphill
Author2: Dave Notman

***PROPER ***

A1: (8)  2's step between 1's, handy hand allemande 1 1/2
    (8)  1's swing {end facing up} {1}
A2: (4)  Pass {same sex} Neighbor by Left
    (4)  Star Left 1/2
    (8)  2's swing
B1: (8)  Down the hall lines of 4 {2}
    (8)  Turn alone and come back
B2: (8)  Bend to a ring, balance and petronella
    (8)  Ring balance and petronella + to face new neighbors

CallingNotes: Actually it doesn't matter whether dancers have the lady on 
  the right at the start.  Thus the title.  {1} Dancers may swap roles 
  here.  If dancers choose to end the swing with the lady on the right, 
  they will be facing a same sex neighbor.  {2} The line is (caller left 
  to right) M1-M2-F2-F1.  2's (center two) can turn as a couple if they 
  want to swap roles.

End effects - the lady might need to wait out on the left, or not, it 
  just doesn't matter

NotesOther: I substituted the pass & 1/2 Star for the funky half hey in