Companions for Contra Dancers #1

SourceDir: 2014-Misc.txt
Author1: Victor Skowronski
Author2: Dave Notman
Music: A(8)x2 + B(8)x2 + C(12)x2, Ronde II, Mon Amy, Tielman Susato
QT: Improper

A1: (4)  {in foursome} All Circular Promenade One Place CW
    (4)  Balance-the-Ring
A2: (8)  Repeat
B1: (8)  Chevron {Ladies bounce, Men Cast} {1}
B2: (8)  Half Poussette CW 1/2 + Couples interleave {3}
C1: (12) 3/4 Hey (Ladies pass LEFT to start) {4}
C2: (4)  Men {slowly} Allemande Left 1/2 WHILE Ladies orbit 1/4 CW {-> 
  long wave} {5}
    (8)  Partner RIGHT gypsy 1.25 and retreat to IMPROPER lines {+ TURN 
      TO FACE NEW N!}

CallingNotes: {1} This next figure (Chevron) will make you trade places 
  with your opposite sex neighbor.  Ladies walk towards each other and, 
  touching palm to palm, bounce away into the spot now occupied by their 
  neighbor (so they have walked two sides of a triangle).  Meanwhile the 
  men cast (turning to right) up or down the outside.  Ones are now above 
  the Twos, but everyone has changed lines from where they started.

{3} CW Poussette - the men start by pushing.  Couples let go a bit early 
  and then interleave with the other poussetting couple to form a line of 
  four across.

Teaching the interleave - have dancers end the poussette in a square.  
  Then have couples poussette one step more.  Let go of hands. Still 
  facing across, everyone slide up or down to interleave the two couples, 
  making a line of four, all facing across, two facing two.  From callers 
  left to right, we have M2 and F1 facing F2 and M1.  The men are in the 
  middle, facing each other.

{4} After beat 12 of the 3/4 hey, dancers will have partially executed 
  the next to last change (M:L).  The men form a long wavy line down the 

Teaching the 3/4 hey - Changes are F:L, P:R, M:L, N:R, F:L, P:R, then Men 
  start passing L).  If the hey were to be completed, the final moves 
  would be men finish passing L, N:R.  Have people do the 1/2 hey and 
  stop -> dancers are a wavy line across with the ladies standing 
  left-to-left in the center.  Everyone has changed sides in the line of 
  four.  Now continue the hey four more STEPS (not changes!) (F:L, P:R, 
  men approach and form the wavy line of men down the center).

{5} Those left at the ends by the 3/4 hey (ladies) continue their forward 
  motion into the CW orbit.  The result of the gypsy/orbit is a long wave 
  of dancers down the center.  From top to bottom we have F2(facing 
  caller's left)-M2(r)-M1(l)-F1(r)

NotesOther: Other descriptions have dancers end the 3/4 hey in a line 
  across, in which case the left allemande by men would go 3/4 instead of 
  1/2.  Have to see...