The Force of Habit #3

SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
Level: Advanced
djn_Last_Revised: 2015-01-29 23:25:37 GMT
Music: 111
***BECKET ***

A1: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back
    (8)  Right & Left Through Across
A2: (8)  Circle Left 3/4 + Partial Roll {1}
    (8)  Half Hey (N:R, M:L, P:R, L:L) {to a wave across} {2}
B1: (4)  Wave of Four Balance
    (12) Next Neighbor Swing
B2: (6)  Circle Left 3/4
    (10) Partner Swing

CallingNotes: {1} Partial Roll - while shifting one step to his left, the 
  man assists his neighbor lady into the center.  Dancers are then lined 
  up in a row across, with the two ladies standing back to back.  All are 
  facing their neighbor (two facing two).  Enhancement: It feels really 
  good if dancers join two hands during the partial roll, doing 1/4 of a 
  2-hand turn before passing right.  {2} Wave has (caller left to right) 

NotesOther: This is perhaps the best of my "Force of Habit" series, but 
  I've thrown out the initial premise - the wave of four + turn around + 
  swing the next <grin>.