WarmUp #2

SourceDir: qmlNotman.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
Level: Intermediate
djn_Last_Revised: 2011-02-01 19:28:00 GMT
Music: Slow

djn_Reentry: Improper

A1: (16) Ladies Star Right 1/2; Neighbor Swing   {1}
A2: (8)  Men Allemande Left 1.5
    (8)  Swing Neighbor #2   {2}
B1: (8)  Circle Left 3/4
    (8)  Partner Swing   {3}
B2: (8)  Up or Down Half Hey (Men start Left)
    (8)  Circle Balance + California Twirl

CallingNotesPre: Setup= A four-facing-four dance
{1} End swings facing across.
{2} Men end swing facing original direction.
{3} End swings facing original direction.

NotesOtherPre: Ever_Tried= No,   Needs_Walkthrough= Yes

Original at http://ravitz.us/miscdances/#wu.

Concerning the original, I wrote: People did expect a courtesy turn after 
  the 1/2 star in A2, but it wasn't a problem.  I actually had fun 
  snatching the ladies out of the star and whirling them into a swing.  
  After a few repetitions though, they wised up and didn't star quite so 
  far.  And if the men forget and give the lady a courtesy turn, it isn't 
  a disaster.  There's plenty of time for it, and the awkwardness of the 
  transition between courtesy turn and swing, and the loss of swing time 
  will make them learn quickly.

Getting the men to face the right direction after swing #2 is much more 
  of a problem.  It would have helped some if he had instructed us to end 
  the swing facing our partners, but I found that part of the dance to be 
  very disorienting, particularly after I changed roles at the end of the 
  line.  I saw that problem coming, but I didn't have a solution for it 
  at the time.  However I think a minor rearrangement of the dance would 
  make it a lot easier: