Send Katy Money Dave Variant

SourceDir: qmlNotman.txt
Author1: Bill Pope
Author2: Dave Notman
Level: Intermediate
djn_Printed: White, 2013-08-21 01:55:55 GMT
Music: Medium

djn_Reentry: R.Diag, then Improper
***BECKET ***

A1: (8)  Promenade Across
    (8)  Star Left 1x
A2: (8)  Right Diagonal Ladies Chain
    (8)  Right & Left Across
B1: (8)  Balance & Petronella Turn
    (8)  Long Waves (Men face out) Balance & Spin Right
B2: (16) Partner Gypsy & Swing

CallingNotesPre: Setup= Improper + Circle Left 1/4

End effects require some courage, as the man needs to stand next to 
  another man during the long wave balance.

NotesOtherPre: Ever_Tried= Yes,   Needs_Walkthrough= No

Bill Pope's version had partner balance and swing at the end.