Kitchen Hornpipe (Duple Minor) DV #2

SourceDir: NJWeb-Keeper-Easy.txt
Author1: Ralph Page
QT: Improper

A1: (16) Actives Balance & Swing the one below
A2: (8)  Circle Left 1x
    (8)  Circle Right 1x
B1: (8)  {With Couple Above} Star Right 1x
    (8)  {With Couple Below} Star Left 1x {1}
B2: (8)  {With couple above} Right & Left Through
    (8)  Right & Left Through

CallingNotes: {1} The RH star will leave the ladies facing diagonally 
  outwards.  Ladies must spin CW in place about 1/2 to face across.

NotesOther: Could also do oval right/left to liven things up.