Jenny Nettle DV #1

SourceDir: NJWeb-Keeper-Easy.txt
Author1: Traditional
***PROPER ***

A1: (2)  First Corners Turn in place CCW 180 {1}
    (6)  {Same} Orbit the others CCW 1/2
    (8)  {Same} Allemande Left 1.5
A2: (2)  Second Corners Turn in place CW 180
    (6)  {Same} Orbit the others CW 1/2
    (8)  {Same} Allemande RIGHT 1.5
B1: (16) Actives down the center, turn alone, return & Cast to middle
B2: (8)  {With New Neighbors} Circle Left
    (8)  {Same} Circle Right

CallingNotes: {1} Identify first corners.  Then have the first corners 
  point to their left.  Announce that first corners will do a turn in 
  place, so man #1 will turn up and then out, lady #2 will turn down and 
  then out, then they orbit the other two to trade places.  {2} Similar 
  instructions for second corners, except that everything is reversed.

NotesOther: Changes = Converted from triple minor.  Reversed the 
  direction of the allemandes.  Could gypsy instead of allemande.