Allemande Swiss DV #1

SourceDir: NJWeb.txt
Author1: Traditional

A1: (4)  Ones & Twos Star Right 1/2
    (4)  Ones & Threes Left 1/2
    (8)  Ones Slow Cast to middle {1}
A2: (8)  Lines of Three go Forward & Back
    (8)  Actives Gypsy 1x while others Pass Through & U-Turn
B1: (8)  Ones and Threes Circle Left 1x
    (8)  {Same} Circle Right 1x
B2: (8)  {Current Top Four} Right & Left Through
    (8)  Right & Left Through

CallingNotes: {1} Lady #1 up the outside, Gent #1 up the inside.

NotesOther: Urtext = Cross four hands at top, half round, back again cast 
  off one couple, set, balance six, and set, then four hands round at the 
  bottom, back again, right and left at top.

Another alternate version - All round, first four turn the other four, 
  change places, ladies allamand; turn the other four again, the other 
  four do the same, every gent turn his partner into her place.

TODO - More dances on these frameworks.  Good formation for contra 
  corners after A1.