Double Spin Eight

SourceDir: 2-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman

A1: (8)  {With Opposite Couple} Circle Left 3/4
    (8)  Swing Opposite {end facing ACROSS}
A2: (8)  Ladies Chain
    (8)  Ladies Grand Chain to Partner {1}
B1: (8)  Ladies Slice Right {2}
    (8)  Gents Slice Right
    (4)  Right-hand Couples Pass Through
B2: (8)  All Eight Balance the Ring + {extra travel} Petronella Spin {3}
    (8)  Partner Swing {face original direction}

CallingNotes: {1} Possible trouble here.  Sometimes your partner will be 
  on the left diagonal and other times on the right diagonal.  {2} Slice 
  Right - Four Ladies or Gents walk into the center with four little 
  steps.  Then, as they retreat, they move to the next lady or gent's 
  spot, 1/4 way CCW around the circle.  {3} Spin with extra rigor 1/4 way 
  around the ring to the next couple's spot.