Surprise Swing Mixer

SourceDir: 2-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
djn_Mixer: Yes
djn_Last_Revised: 2014-10-24 15:49:30 GMT
Level: Intermediate-Advanced


A1: (8)  Neighbor Allemande Left 1.5 {1}
    (8)  Neighbor #2 Allemande Right 1.5
A2: (16) Men walk across set and Swing whoever's there {2}
B1: (8)  Men Allemande Left 1.5
    (8)  Swing Neighbor #2
B2: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back + Slide RIGHT {3}
    (8)  Star Right 1x {4}

CallingNotes: {1} Join right hands with N2 and say, "I'll come back and 
  swing you later."   For now, Allemande N2 Right 1.5  {2} Everyone face 
  across.  The swing with your will likely leave the couples askew AND 
  THAT'S AS INTENDED.  Join inside hands with the one you just swung and 
  raise those joined hands high, so everyone can see who's partnered with 
  whom.  Men look for opposite sex N2 - the one you promised to swing 
  (gents should find her off to their left), and men locate N2's swinging 
  partner (he's should be directly across the set - shift your lines as 
  necessary to make that so).  Men Allemande Left 1.5 and fulfil your 
  promise to swing Neighbor #2.  {3} This is the mixer moment.  Tell 
  gents to look for the lady they swung first (other line, diagonal L}.  
  In an ordinary contra dance that would be your partner.  As dancers go 
  forward & back, they shift RIGHT a LITTLE bit, so that the FIRST person 
  you swung is clearly on the left diagonal and ANOTHER lady is straight 
  across.  End couples come in at this time.  {4} Form a Left hand star 
  with the one you swung SECOND (Gents: she's the lady to your right).  
  As you finish the star, separate from N2 and look for a new person to 
  start the next cycle with.

END EFFECTS - Couple waiting out stands with lady on the right (per 
  usual), but the lady is in the lead as they slide to the right into the 

                                     #   #   Neighbor Left
A1 N Al L 1.5 |  Once-and-a   Half   #   #   ---   #   #   Next-one  Right
   N2 Al R 1.5|  Once-and-a   Half   #   #   ---   #   #   Men  Cross
A2 Men Cross  |  Swing   Number   One   #    ---        (4)
   Sw "P"     |           (4)                ---   #    #   Men  Left
B1 Men Al 1.5 |  Once-and-a   Half   #   #   ---   #   Swing  Number  Two
   N2 Sw      |           (4)                ---   #     #    Long   Lines
B2 LLFB + ShR |  Forward  Shifting RIGHT  # --   #-With  Number  Two  Star
   Star R     |  Right  Once-a  Round  # --- New  Neighbors Allemande Left