Catch and Release DV #1

SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Charley Harvey
Author2: Dave Notman

Setup: Four Facing Four + Swing Opposite forming a square + Ladies go 
  stand next to partner.

A1: (8)  Gents Star Left 1x
    (8)  Four Ladies: Grand Chain while Gents Slide Right
A2: (4)  Four Ladies: Star Right 1/2 while Gents Slide Right {2}
    (4)  Opposite Allemande Left 1/2
    (4)  Four Gents:Star Right 1/2 {3}
    (4)  {Original} Corner allemande Left
B1: (6)  {Face Partner} Grand Right and Left Three Changes
    (10) Partner Gypsy & Swing
B2: (8)  All Eight Circle Left 1/2
    (4)  Balance Ring
    (4)  Heads Pass Through while Sides Slide Left {1}

CallingNotes: {1} Here's the progression.  Heads pass through but don't 
  turn back.  They just remain facing a new couple in a new square.

NotesOther: Charley's original started in a four facing four.  My version 
  never goes through the four facing four phase, but progresses from one 
  square to the next!!