SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman

Setup: Sicilian Circle + Men in outer ring trade places with partner -> 
  all men in inner ring.  Temporary partner is directly across the set.  
  #2 man is the right-most of the two men in the circle.  #1 lady is 
  right-most of the two ladies on her side of the circle.  Those two are 
  "Second Corners"

A1:      Second Corners join right hands + Balance + Pull by right
         (temporary) Partner Swing --> Twos are now in the outer ring
A2:      Ladies Allemande Right 1x while men orbit 1/2 CCW
         Neighbor Swing
B1:      Ladies Chain --> Ones are now in the outer ring
         Star Left 1x
B2:      Long Lines Forward & Back + #1 lady roll #1 gent {2}
         Circle Left 3/4 + Slide Left (with same sex person) -> new 
           neighbor AND new partner!

CallingNotes: THIS IS A MIXER!  {1} Lady #1 rolls #1 gent from her left 
  to her right --> The two men are now across from each other, as are the 
  two ladies.  TODO - Intro SECOND CORNERS first, because they act first.

NotesOther: The roll/circle sequence was stolen from Jim Hemphill <grin>.