SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
OldTitle: Untitled by Dave Notman 2011-05-14.001
Author1: Dave Notman
Level: Intermediate-Advanced

QT: Improper

A1: (16) Neighbor Balance & Swing
A2: (8)  {1} Long Lines Forward & Back + Men Roll Ladies
    (8)  Pass Through Across + Star Right 3/4
B1: (16) {Ladies turn in & back} Partner Gypsy & Swing
B2: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back + Ladies Roll Men {2}
    (8)  Balance-the-Ring + Petronella Spin {Gents: walk}

CallingNotes: {1} Before LLFB - GENTS: a series of moves will take you to 
  the other side of the set where you will swing your partner.  If 
  something goes wrong, swing your partner where she is now.  {2} Ideally 
  the lady will tug her partner into the roll away.  If she neglects to 
  do this, gents launch yourselves into the roll anyway.

NotesOther: Para-skevi-deka-tria-phobia: Fear of Friday the 13th. The 
  word "paraskevidekatriaphobia" was devised by Dr. Donald Dossey who 
  told his patients that "when you learn to pronounce it, you're cured!"

Kate Power challenged me to write a dance with this name for my gig on 
  13.Feb.17.  I must confess that I cheated, since I just gave the title 
  to an untitled dance I wrote some years ago.  This is intended to be 
  it's first performance (crowd composition permitting).