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SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
***BECKET ***

A1: (8)  Circle Left 3/4 + Pass Through Up or Down
    (8)  Ladies Allemande Left 1.5
A2: (8)  Half Hey (Starting Partner Right) + Ladies Richochet
    (8)  Neighbor Swing
B1: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back
    (8)  Star Right 1x {1}
B2: (8)  Ladies Gypsy 2x while Men Orbit 1/2 CCW {2}
    (8)  Partner Swing

CallingNotes: {1} Use a hands-across star here.  {2} Men cast to their 
  left out of the star into the CCW orbit.

NotesOther: Should be a very dizzy dance.  Story line - disappointed when 
  their offer to swing wasn't accepted in A1, the ladies seek their 
  fortune with their neighbors.  In B1, the men buy time as they think of 
  how they are going to get their partners back.  After a fling with the 
  other lady, the women return to their partners.