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SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
***BECKET ***

A1: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back
    (8)  Circle Balance + Men Roll {1}
A2: (8)  Wave of Four {2} Balance + Spin Right
    (8)  Allemande Left + Half Hey {3}
B1: (8)  Neighbor Left Gypsy 1x
    (4)  Pass Neighbor by Left
    (4)  Next Neighbor Swat the Flea
B2: (8)  Wave of Four Balance {4} + Ladies Spin Right
    (8)  Partner Swing

CallingNotes: {1} For the roll away, the ladies stay put while the men 
  trade places, passing back to back in the center.  {2} Men have left 
  hands in center and right hands with neighbor.  Wave order (caller left 
  to right) is F1(dn)-M2(up)-M1(dn)-F2(up).  {3} The move starts with 
  neighbor allemande left 1/2, followed by men pass right, partner pass 
  left and ladies pass right.  At the end of this hey, the ones are ABOVE 
  the twos.  {4}  Wave order is (caller Left to Right) 
  M1(up)-F2(dn)-F1(up)-M2(dn).  Ladies have right hands joined in middle, 
  and new neighbor in left.

First off, people had trouble with the Circle Balance + Men Roll.  I've 
  done that occasionally at a dance weekend and didn't think those 
  present would have any trouble with it, but they did.  In future, I'm 
  going to tell them, "balance the circle and men trade places passing 
  left shoulders" the first time through and add the spin as an 
  embellishment the second time through.

By the time we had struggled through the balance + men roll sequence and 
  had done the hey, people had long since forgotten whether they were 
  ones or twos.  I should have emphasized that point before I had the 
  circle left 1/4 to becket formation.  The phrase "men turn back" prior 
  to the gypsy didn't help any, because they were confused about where 
  they should be at the end of the hey.  Nor did "three changes of a hey" 
  help.  That usage is common in the English Country lexicon, but not the 
  contra lexicon.  I think my best bet was to spell out the changes 
  explicitly (Men by the right, partner by the left, ladies by the right 
  and stop - the ones should now be above the twos ... now face your 

The final difficulty was with the wave -> spin -> swing sequence in B2.  
  My partner at the time persisted in orienting herself for a wave 
  balance + spin back to the left after the first spin-right .. which put 
  her back to me.  I'm guessing this problem was unique to this 
  particular person, who is the local caller who has heaped such 
  criticism on my dances.  In fact, it tends to confirm my theory about 
  how she functions.  I think she relies heavily on what some call 
  "muscle memory" (though I think that's a terrible description of the 
  phenomenon).  She's very good at remembering the dances this way, but 
  when I throw one of my unusual sequences at her (whether it's smooth or 
  not) she has trouble with it.  She later remarked that she can pick up 
  a dance written by almost any other caller and call it cold, but my 
  dances just don't seem to make sense to her.