The Middle Man's Middlemarch

SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Unknown
Author2: Dave Notman

A1: (4)  Lines of Four forward
    (4)  California Twirl
    (4)  Down the hall Four steps + LH #1 man advances {1}
    (4)  Right Hand High, left hand low
A2: (4)  Lines Return.
    (4)  Fold to Circles {of 5 and 3}
    (8)  Circle Left {2}
B1: (8)  Middle Men Do-si-Do {and go stand next to partner, lady on 
  right} {3}
    (8)  Circle of Eight Left 1/2
B2: (16) Partner Balance & Swing {4}

CallingNotes: {1} The leftmost man in the #1 line, streaks forward and 
  steps between the two couples in the #2 line.  So the #2 line has 5 
  people and the #1 line now has three.  Both lines then do 
  Right-hand-high + Left hand Low swaps to turn around.  In Line #2 the 
  things swapping are the #2 couples.  In Line #1, the ladies swap.  {2} 
  Circle until the two men that were in the center of the lines of 5 or 3 
  are facing each other up or down.  The circle of 3 will go 1.5 tiles 
  around (make it tight!), while the circle of five will go once around.  
  {3} After the middle men Do-si-Do, they go back to where they started.  
  However dancers in the #2 line are NOT where they started.  They have 
  traded places with the other couple in their line.  {4} End the swing 
  facing original direction.  The #1 line will zig-zag down the set in 
  the usual fashion, while the #2 line comes back up without zig-zagging!

NotesOther: This dance resulted from a bizarre dream sequence.  I dreamt 
  that I was attending a dance in a small town named North ____ in 
  western Tennessee, somewhere near the Mississippi River.  This town had 
  its own, very strange dance traditions.  The caller was attempting to 
  teach this dance that had lines of five alternating with lines of 
  three, as in this dance.  The dancers were hopelessly confused, and the 
  caller was making a complete botch of it.  There was a motion to call 
  it quits for the evening, at which point I piped up to say that I was a 
  caller too, and was willing to have a go at it.  The instructions were 
  on a very faded, typewritten page.  They had the lines of five and 
  three going down the set, and then the outside couples in the line of 
  five would "roll up", which I thought might be something like the 
  "bunch of grapes" formation in Don Theykin's "Dawn Dance".  But then I 
  got stuck trying to figure out how that might work.  There were a lot 
  of distractions, and I got nowhere, so the dancers decided to disband 
  anyway.  I awoke with the odd feeling that I'd be channeling someone 
  else's dance, so I have listed the primary author as "Unknown".