The First Swing Belongs to Me

SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
QT: Improper

A1: (8)  Neighbor Left Gypsy 1.5
    (8)  Ladies Allemande Right 1.5
A2: (8)  While Men Allemande Left 1.5, Ladies Orbit CW 1/2
    (8)  Partner Swing
B1: (16) Give & Take (Ladies take), neighbor swing
B2: (8)  Promenade Across
    (4)  Pass Through Across
    (4)  Cross Trail.

NotesOther: Here's the story that goes with this dance.  Neighbor Gypsy - 
  The ladies have doubtless noticed their partners flirting around with 
  that neighbor lady.  Ladies Allemande Right 1.5 over to your partner.  
  The men now try to pursue that lovely neighbor (men allemande left 1.5) 
  + ladies orbit.  Surprise men!  You have been out maneuvered yet 
  again.  Swing your partner.  Having asserted their claim to their 
  partners, the ladies now want to follow up on that intriguingly flirty 
  gypsy.  Long Lines go forward - ladies take that neighbor home and 
  swing him.

I doubt I'll present the story.  My recollection is that people just want 
  to dance, and will be impatient with even a short vignette.  I have yet 
  to check this dance against my database.  It could be a duplicate.

The Give & Take is a pretty weak substitute for a balance.  I think I'll 
  have to classify this one as a no-balance contra.  I could replace the 
  Gypsy with a neighbor Balance + Swat the Flea, but that kind of 
  destroys the story line.