The Dodgy Divas of Dance

SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
***BECKET ***

A1: (4)  Ladies Trade passing Right
    (6)  Neighbor Promenade Across {1}
    (6)  Men Allemande Left 1x WHILE Ladies cast back {2} into next set
A2: (8)  Half Hey (Ladies start passing Right)
    (8)  Swing {Future} Neighbor {3}
B1: (8)  On near left diagonal - men allemande left 1.5 ... WHILE ladies 
  cast up or down {2} into the next set.
    (8)  Men scoop up Shadow, Star Promenade plus butterfly whirl. {4}
B2: (16) Ladies Advance + Partner Swing.

CallingNotes: {1} End the courtesy turn at the end of the promenade 
  facing up or down, with the men in the middle.  {2} cast back = #1 lady 
  will cast down, #2 lady will cast up.  {2} The #1 lady will cast UP, 
  and the #2 lady will cast DOWN.  {3} After the swing, the men haven't 
  gone anywhere.  The men should be able to see their partners laughing 
  at them from the next set, on the left diagonal.  Men set about 
  catching up with their partners.  {4} Give the butterfly whirl a little 
  more oomph to end in a chainsaw promenade with the ladies in the 
  middle.  Ladies should be standing shoulder to shoulder with their 
  original same-sex neighbor.   Ladies - your partner should be ahead of 
  you with his arm around another woman ...  Men wave your left hand.  
  Ladies walk forward and around your partner's left shoulder and present 
  yourselves for a swing.

Further advice for dancers - the end effects are hellish.  Blunder about 
  as best you can, but the men should focus on figuring out where they 
  should be for a regular becket-wise progression, and the ladies should 
  focus on swinging their partner at the end of the dance.  After the 
  swing, all will be well again.