The Announcement Dance

SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
Setup: Proper + Pass Through Across (no courtesy turn) + Ones Face down 
  and join inside hands.  Twos join the ends to form a line of Four (ones 
  in center, all facing down).  Caller View is (Left to Right) 
  M2-M1-F1-F2.  Lines of Four go down the set.  Ones turn as a couple; 
  twos turn alone.  Come back up, and stop in a Line of Four facing up.  
  Now hold that line while we do announcements, because THE DANCE WILL 

***BIZARRE ***

A1: (8)  Twos Gate Ones 1.75
    (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back {1}
A2: (4)  Pass Through Across
    (12) Neighbor Swing
B1: (8)  Twos Two-Hand Turn 1.5 {2}
    (8)  Ones Swing {end facing down}
B2: (8)  {With New Twos} Down the Hall in a Line of Four; Ones Turn as a 
    (8)  Line of Four Return {3}

CallingNotes: {1} For extra spice, the ladies can roll the men here.  {2} 
  Use a crossed hand, 2-hand turn here.  {3} When the dance gets going, 
  dancers will likely start the gate at the end of B2.

NotesOther: Variation = A1 (4) Twos Gate Ones 3/4 + (4) Pass Through 
  Across + (8) Neighbor Swing.  A2 (8) Star Left 1x (8) Star Right 1x.  
  This beginning flows very nicely into the crossed hand 2-hand turn in