House of Pigs DV #5

SourceDir: DaveN-Scrap-Junk.txt
Author1: Rick Mohr
Author2: Dave Notman
QT: Improper

A1: (6)  Star Right 3/4 {1}
    (2)  Ladies Twirl CW 1/4
    (8)  Next Neighbors Star Right 7/8 {2}
A2: (4)  {Original} Men Allemande Left 3/8
    (8)  Star Promenade Partner + Butterfly Whirl
    (4)  Ladies Allemande Right 3/4
B1: (16) Partner Balance & Swing
B2: (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back
    (8)  Ladies Allemande Right 1.5 {3}

CallingNotes: {1} Use a hands across star, and ladies give a push on 
  count 7 to get themselves oriented for the next right-hand star.  The 
  men can let go a bit early and just walk up or down into the star with 
  the next neighbors.  {2} End couples must wait with the lady on the 
  left for this star.  Tell dancers if they get it wrong, to just star 
  right with whoever is there.  {3} Ladies end the allemande with a push 
  an a spin 1/4 CW to send them into the RH star with the next couple.

NotesOther: A difficult dance, what with all the extra twirls to make the 
  transitions.  Retired, too many fractions, too much glue.