Coal Country Contra Variant #3

SourceDir: 1-DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
Author1: Ron Buchannan
Author2: Dave Notman

A1: (8)  Ladies pull by right and allemande left your neighbor 1 1/2
    (8)  Gents Allemande Right 1.5
A2: (16) Partner Gypsy & Swing
B1: (8)  Right & Left Through + Partner Allemande Left 1/2
    (8)  Men Do-si-Do {1}
B2: (4)  Ladies allemande Right 1x {2}
    (4)  Ladies walk 180 CCW around partner {3}
    (8)  Long lines go forward and back

CallingNotes: {1} Men end the Do-si-Do where they started it - with their 
  partner on the LEFT.  {2} Ladies end the allemande facing out.  {3} 
  This is the progression - Reverse Becket.

NotesOther: The variation is in A1 (GYPSY and swing), and in B1 
  (Allemande left 1/2 rather than roll).  My notes said that the gypsy in 
  A2 made A1 feel much less rushed.  You could be late going into A2 and 
  make it up during the gypsy/swing combination.