March Variation #1 DV #2

SourceDir: Barb-Kirchner.txt
Author1: Barb Kirchner
Author2: Dave Notman
Level: Intermediate
QT: Improper
Setup: Improper + Gent join right in center + join left with N -> Wave of 
  four across

A1: (4)  Wave of Four Balance {Right & Left.  This wave has Neighbor #0}
    (4)  Walk Forward {and diagonally left}
    (8)  Swing Neighbor #1 {this is "one you swung"}
A2: (8)  Ladies Allemande Right 1.5
    (8)  Partner Swing
B1: (8)  circle left 3/4
    (8)  Neighbor Do-si-Do 1.25 {to a wave of four across}
B2: (6)  march forward 6 steps {1}
    (2)  Turn Alone {flirting with N5}
    (6)  march back 6 steps
    (2)  Allemande Left the one you swung 1/2

CallingNotes: {1} Inner ring of ladies goes CCW.  Outer ring of men goes 
  CW.  It might help to tell dancers to pass 4? people (person in current 
  Wave.4 is #1 of the four) and then stand Right-to-Right with the 
  fifth(?) (at least that's my best guess, short of trying it with real 

Have dancers count out loud as they pass other dancers in the oval