Who will be King of the Dervishes?

SourceDir: Annes-Visit.txt
djn_Printed: White2, 2014-05-21 00:42:03 GMT
Author1: Dave Notman
***PROPER ***

A1: (8)  {Next} Neighbor Do-si-Do
    (8)  Long Lines Forward & Back
A2: (8)  Ones Gypsy + Whirl Away {1}
    (8)  Twos Gypsy + Whirl Away
B1: (8)  {Ones Center} Lines of Four down the set + Turn Alone
    (8)  Lines of Four Return {Fold to Circle}
B2: (8)  Circle Left
    (8)  Star Left

CallingNotes: {1} Whirl Away - After the gypsy, dancers whirl CW back 
  into proper lines.  Schtick - a competition between the Ones and the 
  Twos over who can do the flirtiest Gypsy + Whirl.

NotesOther: Really easy, but no swings.  Inspired by "Anne's Visit" by 
  Philippe Callens.