Hey O Rama (?) DV #2 DISCARDED

SourceDir: 2013-SugarH.txt
Author1: Michael Fuerst ??
Author2: Dave Notman
***BECKET ***

A1: (8)  Half Hey Across (Men Start Left)
    (8)  Men Pass Left + Neighbor Allemande Right 3/4
A2: (8)  Long Waves Balance {Men facing in} + Neighbor #2 Allemande Left 
    (8)  Neighbor #1 Swing
B1: (8)  Star Left 1x
    (8)  {With new neighbors} Star Right 1x
B2: (16) {Star Continues 1/4 more +} Partner Swing {2}

CallingNotes: {1} Long Swing Here.

NotesOther: Same basic dance, but with a balance.  However the transition 
  between the long wave balace and N2 Al Left is unsettling.