Reverse Grass Valley Glide

SourceDir: 2013-RR.txt
Author1: Rick Mohr
Author2: Dave Notman
Level: Advanced
***BECKET ***

A1: (8)  Circle Left 3/4 + Pass Through Up or Down
    (8)  {New} Neighbor Allemande Right 1.5
A2: (8)  Half Hey Across (Men start Left) {1}
    (2)  Neighbor Reverse Courtesy Turn 1/4
    (6)  Reverse Star Promenade {Neighbor} Across + Swing Wide {2}
B1: (8)  {With Shadow} Star RIGHT 3/4 {3}
    (8)  Partner Allemande LEFT 1.5
B2: (8)  Half Hey Across (Ladies start Right)
    (8)  Partner Swing

CallingNotes: {1} End the hey with ladies facing out and men facing in.  
  Men turn 180 CW and put their LEFT arm around their neighbor's waist.  
  Wheel CW as a couple 1/4 until the men can take RIGHT hands in the 
  center.  Reverse star promenade across.  {2} There's no butterfly whirl 
  here.  Instead, after couples promenade and turn to face across, they 
  slide LEFT (lady in lead) to face a shadow across.  TODO NEEDS REVIEW.

End Effects - wicked!

CASE 1 - A couple passes through to allemande right a couple that has 
  waited out - after the "swing wide", they find there's no one there.  
  They are already dancing with their shadow.  In this case, the couple 
  needs to RH star 3/4 with a ghost couple across to be correctly 
  positioned for the partner allemande/hey/swing.

CASE 2 - A couple goes out at the cir/pass through.  Then they position 
  themselves as though for a move on the right diagonal, except that the 
  lady is on the left.  Then the shadows show up after the 
  promenade/swing wide.  If the neutral couple has neglected to put the 
  lady on the LEFT, the star will be mal-formed, but the dance will still 
  work, as the 3/4 star will put the end couple out again regardless.  
  End couples are encouraged to swing and then wait for the up/down pass 
  through as in a improper dance.

Couples nearing the end must first execute case #1 and then case #2 
  before they are fully back into the dance.

NotesOther: Wrote this while I struggled to make sense of a partial 
  walkthrough with a couple of misleading instructions.  Not sure if the 
  end effects are more or less confusing than the original.