Easter Thursday DV #1

SourceDir: 2013-DawnD.txt
Music: Waltz, A(6x3),A(6x3),B(6x3),B(6x3), Barnes I
***PROPER ***

A1: (9)  Neighbor Back to Back
    (9)  Partner Back to Back {Ones only or all?}
A2: (9)  Neighbor 2-hand turn 1x
    (9)  Partner 2-hand turn {ones only or all?} 1x
B1: (3)  {with opposite sex n. on diagonal} Advance 3 steps
    (3)  Retire with 1/2 Turn Single {1}
    (9)  Clap + Circle Left 1x
B2: (9)  Ones Half Figure Eight through twos
    (6)  Ones Cross Through Twos Again + Twos move up
    (3)  Mirror Turn Single {Men to right, ladies to left}

CallingNotes: {1} During the turn single, dancers start moving on the 
  circular path.  Put the clap on beat one, then join hands and complete 
  the circle.

NotesOther: What we danced at Dawn Dance 2013 most closely resembles this 
  one.  The A part seemed very slow, with a lot of extra time, and the B 
  part was rushed.  I made these changes: