Untitled 2014-01-09.001 DV #1

SourceDir: Jim-Hemphill.txt
Author1: Jim Hemphill
Author2: Dave Notman
QT: Improper

A1: (8)  Ladies Slow Gypsy 1x
    (8)  Ladies Cross set & Poussette CW 1/2
A2: (8)  Half Hey with Ricochet {gents start as though to pass right, but 
    (8)  Partner swing
B1: (8)  Circle left 3/4
    (8)  Neighbor swing
B2: (8)  Long lines Forward & Back
    (8)  Pass thru, turn alone, circle left 2 places

NotesOther: Having the men touch in the ricochet hey might help keep 
  dancers synchronized, and it might be an easier way to teach it.