Capillary Action Dave Variant

SourceDir: B_Dupen.txt
Author1: Barry Dupen
Author2: Dave Notman

QT: Improper
A1: (8)  Chainsaw Promenade CCW {1}
    (8)  Turn as couples promenade back
A2: (6)  Star Right 3/4
    (10) Shadow Allemande Left 2x {if possible}
B1: (16) Partner Balance & Swing
B2: (8)  Men allemande Left 1.5
    (8)  {New} Neighbor Swing {2}

CallingNotes: {1} Men are in middle.  {2} End the swing with the men in 
  the middle.

NotesOther: Barry had a kind of parallel oval march, lead by ones down 
  the center (thus the title).  This put some awkward transitions into 
  the dance and, as everyone had to be back home in 16 counts, it limited 
  the length of the lines.  The chainsaw promenades solved all these 
  problems.  Awkward transitions in Barry's version were: (a) #1 man and 
  #2 lady will have to turn 180 to get their right hands in for the 
  star.  (b) All end the swing facing up, but here's another awkward 
  point.  Feels good to have the #2 lady go ahead of the #1 man, but 
  difficult to have the #2 man go ahead of the #1 lady!