Unknown 2012-10-27.001 DV #1

SourceDir: 2012-CCDW.txt
QT: Improper

A1: (8)  Partner Set and Turn Single Right
    (8)  Partner Allemande Right 1x
A2: (8)  Neighbor Allemande Left 1x
    (8)  Partner 2-Hand Turn 1x {Reconstruction here}
B1: (8)  Neighbor Set and Turn Single Right
    (4)  Circle Left 1/2
    (4)  Lines Fall Back
B2: (8)  Two Changes of Rights & Lefts {starting across}
    (8)  Half Poussette (men push)

NotesOther: Seemed to be something missing from the dance, so I inserted 
  the Partner 2-hand turn at the end of the A part.  Missed the walk