Trip to Troy Variant

SourceDir: 2011-02-Misc.txt
Author: Rick Mohr
Author2: Dave Notman?
Level: Easy-Intermediate
QT: Improper

A1: (4)  Balance the ring
    (4)  Circle left 1/2
    (8)  Swing neighbor
A2: (8)  Ladies Do-si-Do 1.5
    (2)  Allemande right with partner 1/2
    (6)  Allemande left with shadow
B1: (16) Balance and swing partner
B2: (8)  Circle left 3/4
    (4)  Balance the ring
    (4)  California twirl

CallingNotes: Introduce shadow (opposite sex person in LEFT diagonal 

NotesOther: An earlier variation of mine had A2 start with Ladies 
  Allemande LEFT 1.5, but that is awkward after the swing.  The general 
  idea is to reverse the direction of the allemandes in A2.  Changing the 
  allemandes also changes who will be your shadow.