String of Swings DV #1

SourceDir: Rick-Mohr.txt
Author1: Rick Mohr
Author2: Bob Isaacs
Level: Intermediate

Setup: Ones Swing and face Down
QT: Improper

A1: (8)  Ones Down the Center + Turn Alone
    (8)  Come back {-> Gypsy turn to face N, Ones B-B in center}
A2: (16) Full Hey starting left with neighbor {1}
B1: (8)  Neighbor Allemande Left 1.5
    (8)  Twos Swing {**end where started, then turn CW}
B2: (8)  Neighbor Swing {2}
    (8)  Ones Swing in Center

CallingNotes: {1} Whatever happens during the hey, come back to where you 
  are now!!!  This hey is unusual in that you will always meet YOUR 
  PARTNER in the middle.  But idea is the same - when passing someone on 
  the outside, pass by the left.  When passing someone (your partner) in 
  the center, you always pass by the right.  Hey is N:L, Twos:R, 
  SameSexN:L, Ones:R, (Now 1/2 through) N:L, Twos:R, SSN:L, Ones:R) -> 
  Back where started the hey (Ones again B-B in middle).

{2} End N. swing with couples at an angle, ones facing each other.

NotesOther: Dave's change - only the Ones go down the center.