Oi! March DV #1

SourceDir: ForChildren.txt
Author1: Heather Bexon
Author2: Dave Notman
Music: 32 bar March
Setup: Couples facing CCW

A1: (16) Promenade 16 steps anticlockwise + Shout "Oi!" on #16
A2: (16) Turn & promenade back + Shout "Oi!"
B1: (8)  Counter March {Gents CW, Ladies CCW} + Shout "Oi!" {1}
    (8)  Counter March Returns + Wave to Partner as you pass by
B2: (16) {New} Partner Swing

CallingNotes: {1} Face partner.  Let go of partner, and then, as 
  individuals, turn 1/4 turn to right.  Men are now in an inner ring 
  facing CW.  Ladies are in the outer ring facing CCW.

The original did not indicate a progression.  I added the "Pass partner" 
  in B1.