Circle Hornpipe DV #1

SourceDir: ForChildren.txt
Music: 16 Bar Hornpipe
Author1: David Hunt

A1: (12) Sashay 6x CCW {men's left} and Return
    (4)  Modified Welsh Clapping {1}
A2: (10) Partner Right Elbow Turn 1.25
    (6)  {New Partner} Left Elbow Turn 3/4

CallingNotes: Start in circle, have men step in and turn face partner.  
  {1} Modified welsh clap - own + right + own + left + own-own-own 
  <pause>.  Clap rate = 2 per step in music.

NotesOther: Remains to be seen if the clapping sequence will work to a 
  lively jig.  For that matter, with two claps per beat, perhaps a reel 
  is called for here!