Ralph and Donna's Dance DV #2

SourceDir: David-Kirchner.txt
Author1: David Kirchner
***BECKET ***

A1: (8)  Circle left 3/4 + Pass Through Up or Down {1}
    (8)  Swing new neighbor
A2: (8)  Long lines forward and back
    (4)  Ladies allemande left 5/8 {2}
    (4)  Long Wave of Ladies Balance {3}
B1: (16) Right Diagonal Full Hey {Original} Ladies start Right
B2: (4)  {Same Two} Ladies Allemande Right 3/4
    (12) Partner Swing

CallingNotes: {1} Before you pass through, make note of these first 
  neighbors.  {2} Until ladies can join right hands with their first same 
  sex neighbor.  {3} In walkthrough have dancers identify who takes part 
  in diagonal hey.  Ladies open your left hands but keep holding hands 
  with the lady on your right.  First, everyone locate your partner (off 
  to lady's right).  Your partner will be in this hey.  Secondly, 
  everyone locate your original opposite sex neighbor (to right, beyond 
  lady in right hand).  That person will be in the hey too.

NotesOther: Written for the wedding of Ralph and Donna McAllister. Donna 
  was a helpful mentor to me when I first began calling. This is a rather 
  complex dance, but I have had good feedback from dancers. I strongly 
  suggest anyone considering calling this dance thoroughly understand 
  what happens at the ends first.

DJN - Added the ladies allemande right 3/4 before the partner swing to 
  orient for the swing.  In David's version dancers would omit the final 
  arc to the right after the ladies pass right the final time.  Instead 
  they just pass right shoulders and continue right on to their partners.

End Effects - If you pass through and no one is there, then dancers get 
  ready for the right diagonal hey.  End lady stands to partner's right, 
  and then steps forward to take hands in the wave of ladies.  Both she 
  and her partner will take part in the diagonal hey.

End Effect #2 - End couples going in after pass through up or down.  The 
  lady will find herself at the end of the wave of ladies without any 
  "original same-sex neighbor" to hold hands with.  In this case, neither 
  she nor her partner will have original neighbors to hey with.  They can 
  hey with ghosts or just wait and swing their partners.

DK - The original B2 had the ladies meeting again in the middle to gypsy 
  before returning to swing their partners. Another possible variant is:

NotesOtherPre: DK Urtext =
Alternate A2 is
A2= (4) Ladies dance into the middle
    (4) Long Wave of Ladies Balance
    (4) Ladies allemande 1/2
    (4) Long Wave of Ladies Balance

A1= (8) Circle left 3/4; pass though to next
    (8) Swing new neighbor
A2= (8)  Long lines forward and back
    (4)  Ladies allemande left 3/4 to ladies from 1st foursome
    (4)  Two women balance; while balancing, form diagonal line 
      consisting of these two ladies and their partners
B1= (16)  In diagonal line, hey for four
B2= (16)  Swing partner