Glover's Reel DV #3

SourceDir: DaveN-Quick-Entry.txt
QT: Improper

A1: (8)  Neighbor Gypsy 1.5
    (8)  Twos Swing {end facing up}
A2: (8)  {same neighbors} Lines of Four go Up the hall + Turn Alone
    (8)  Return + Ones hand cast the twos
B1: (8)  Twos Gypsy
    (8)  Neighbor Swing
B2: (8)  Circle Left
    (8)  Star Left

NotesOther: In "Glover's Reel #2", the men get to have more fun, because 
  they get to whirl around out of the gypsies into the swings.  In this 
  version, the lady gets one whirl (after neighbor gypsy), and the man 
  gets one (after partner gypsy).