The Stars Will Re-align You Waltz

SourceDir: qmlWaltz.txt
Author1: Dave Notman
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
djn_Last_Revised: 2010-10-14 23:04:08 GMT
Music: Waltz + Slow + The Skye Boat Song (111) + Finn Jenta - The Waltz 

djn_Reentry: Improper

A1: (6)  Partner Pass Right
    (6)  Shadow pass right
    (12) Star Right
A2: (12) Circle Balance Spin to the Right
    (12) Star Left Three Quarters
B1: (6)  Ladies Trade on near Left Diagonal
    (6)  Ladies Loop Left to Partner
    (12) Star Left
B2: (12) Star Right 3/4
    (12) Partner 2-Hand Turn

CallingNotesPre: Setup= Improper + Ladies Trade places; The dance starts 
  from here!

NotesOtherPre: Ever_Tried= No,   Needs_Walkthrough= Yes

The flow of the dance into the stars helps align the couples as the 
  groups of four dissolve and reform.

"The Skye Boat Waltz" is _very_ pretty with this dance, but, but band 
  must be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN not to short those slurred dotted half 
  notes!  If they do, the dancers will become very confused!!!